The collaboration of Greatives Web, which undertook Web Development with 2nd Floor Garden, the project designer, was a highly demanding challenge.

The implementation of the redesign of the previous Website of the Hellenic Film Commission (HFC) required from the Greatives Web specialized and advanced development techniques, as Hellenic Film Commission (HFC) aims the promotion and development of Greece as a filming destination for international film and TV productions.

Custom development, sophisticated but not labyrinthine functionality, advanced content retrieval and search functions, and fully customizable roles for data entries and frontend editing were utilized.

More specifically in the section concerning the cooperating companies, the professionals can add their company online, either as production companies or as individual companies – with single pages -. In addition, there is the possibility of advanced classification and sorting for production companies with the simultaneous search of companies and professionals by region.

Special mention has been made for Greek productions using advanced search and sorting filters with categorical criteria and promotion of locations related to the topography of film production.

This goal is also served, by the promotion and highlighting of landmarks in Greek territory, the addition of selected images by verified users, with advanced search and content sorting technologies.

The Website of the Hellenic Film Commission (HFC), finally, incorporates MailChimp technology, while it is multilingual (Greek, English) and has news streaming content.