The Radar Festival is a one-day event that takes place once a year around the Langstrasse in Zurich, presenting the most promising Swiss and international artists in various genres of artistic expression.

The Radar Festival Website highlights in the clearest way the impeccable collaboration between Greatives Web and Distylerie for the complete redesign of this Website so that the artistic activities of the Festival can be highlighted in the most complete visual and digital way.

The Website clearly displays through its black and white and single-page content its artistic manifesto, which is framed with an introductory background video, while scrolling unfolds all the artistic activities of the Festival by filtering and transitions of Ajax pages.

The application of a unique header layout to emphasize the upcoming event also makes a special impression, while the sticky logo with the side elements undoubtedly captivates the visitor’s eye. Background video playback is also provided at the user’s request, as well as the custom Instagram feed element, likewise the additional digital historical reference element for viewing previous events with galleries, videos and sponsors. In the same context, Greatives Web adapted the section with the information tabs with effective digital perfection and a completely user-friendly function for their effective grouping.

The Radar Festival Website is known for its instant responsiveness, high search engine optimization, optimized speed and a fully customized WordPress theme, specially designed for the Radar Festival’s viewing needs from the Greatives Web.