Greatives Web developed the Dragon’s Heart Institute Website. Our vision was to create a fully functional, fast and adequately structured Website that presents all aspects of Dragon’s Heart Institute activities.

With this in mind, we used Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), an XML-based vector image format for defining 2D graphics, with full interactivity and animation support. We integrated a custom video slider on the Home Page; also developed presentation and registration forms for attending programs implemented by the Dragon’s Heart Institute, such as the Spread and Scale Academy and Climb program with corresponding application forms.

Also noteworthy is the functional integration on the Dragon’s Heart Institute Website of Ajax digital technology, which allows perfectly smooth transitions to images and pages of the Website. The Greatives Web team also created a user subscription page with access to resources while equipping the Website with all the necessary digital infrastructure to function seamlessly in a multilingual environment.

Greatives Web presents another digitally perfect result that it implemented in perfect collaboration with Luna 9 Design Agency to add value to the actions of the Dragon’s Heart Institute, which aims to forge future leaders and teams of today, creating the conditions for a real revolution in the field of healthcare.