Pirgos Mavromichali, an architectural structure of high aesthetic value in Limeni of the laconic Mani- promises an incomparable holiday experience to its visitors.

Greatives Web undertook the design and development project of the Pirgos Mavromichali Website in order to highlight in the most complete and functionally correct way the ‘diamond’ of the Laconian land.

Pirgos Mavromichali - Logo, Web Design & Development by Greatives

Web Development

This was implemented with an off-canvas full-screen menu and Ajax page transitions. The Website is characterized by extremely smooth scrolling, due to the development techniques used, to capture the unique atmosphere of the hotel.

The contact page expands to full-screen to make it easier to navigate and find information about contacting and booking rooms. The unique and incomparable aesthetic value rooms are presented with detailed descriptions, well-formulated and precise wordage on single and distinct pages of easy navigation, according to their characteristics.

The structural classification of the Pirgos Mavromichali Website, as designed by Greatives Web, allows for the smooth transition and logical prioritization of all information visitors request.

From general information about the Hotel, detailed descriptions of the rooms to the historical importance of Limeni, travel information about Limeni and the culinary orientation of Pirgos Mavromichali. There are full-screen videos on the single room pages so guests can see in detail the amenities and facilities of both the rooms and the Hotel.

The Website of Pirgos Mavromichali stands out for its immediacy, smooth scrolling and speed of response through a fully customized WordPress theme, specially customized by Greatives Web to optimize Pirgos Mavromichali’s digital presence.