Greatives Web developed the Paradise Nomads logo with nautical references, consisting of a nautical steering wheel, which refers to all horizon points.

The design effort draws its inspiration from the actions of Paradise Nomads throughout the Greek territory, emphasising the insular and mainland countryside.

Impressive graphics and scrolling animations were used with the logic of the sequence of images (video frames) in rapid succession. By synchronizing each image frame based on the user’s scroll position, we can play the animation as the user attempts to scroll down or back up the page.

Also, Greatives Web invested the Website with full-screen videos and scrolling animated SVG shapes to visually describe the core services through simple image and text elements.

SVG (XML based) is an image format that defines different elements for several familiar geometric shapes that can be combined in the markup to produce two-dimensional graphics. Also noteworthy is the Skin effect while scrolling to smooth the colour transition in the background palette.

Special mention should also be made of the communication-conversation form, which has been enriched with interactive features, as it can ask probing questions to the user to achieve complete and fully interactive communication.

The Paradise Nomads Website features instant responsiveness, high search engine crawlability, optimized speed, and a fully custom WordPress theme specially designed for Paradise Nomads promotion needs by Greatives Web.