French Odile and French-Greek Sophie select, package and supply extra virgin cold-pressed Greek olive oil from privately owned olive farms and small producers from Mani in the Peloponnese, Greece.

The company KOLOKOTRONIS is a small company with great development potential in the extra virgin olive oil market. This company knows and deeply understands the needs of consumers for high nutritional value products with an emphasis on quality.

The GREATIVES team undertook to design and develop the KOLOKOTRONIS company logo. A logo based on the symbol of the olive branch that takes the e-visitor back to the depths of Greek history, connecting ancient and modern Greece.

The olive branch is framed with a green coloured circle to underline the logic of the circular economy served by KOLOKOTRONIS company, from the selective purchase of the raw material of olive oil to packaging and supply to the final consumer. And all this with high-quality standards, extensive controls at every stage of the procedure and personal supervision to optimize the product and service.

Parallax elements were used on the homepage of the Website to emphasize the shift and variation of the static position of an image element as the user observes it from two different perspectives.

In this context, the smooth scrolling effect was exploited to achieve the unique presentation of the product in an aesthetically and functionally perfect way. The off-canvas full-screen menu is accentuated by its asymmetrical yet perfectly balanced presentation to highlight the luxurious simplicity of the Website.

Furthermore, the Website has detailed recipes with the ingredients and their preparation instructions so that its visitors can discover the magic and depth of the Greek Mediterranean diet. These recipes are managed by the Ajax filtering and transitions mechanism to achieve a meaningful user interaction with the product for assimilation, usability and interoperability.

The Greatives team designed and developed a fully categorized and structured blog to facilitate the navigation of the KOLOKOTRONIS digital visitor.

The vision of the two dynamic women of KOLOKOTRONIS met with the vision of the Greatives team to give birth to a modern, functional and user-friendly Website that is synonymous with KOLOKOTRONIS products.