Giorgos Lavatsis, a third-generation carpenter and mechanical engineer, undertakes to introduce us through the Website we designed for him.

A project with minimalist design, simple lines and clean geometric volumes.

The home page is highlighted by the white-black contrast and on the upper left spot of the home page looms his logo, a three-dimensional and multi-polyhedral geometric shape, which conveys and symbolizes the design, artistic and constructive adequacy of G. LAVATSIS’s creations.

Analyze your brand

In the background of the Greatives Website, handmade creations of G. LAVATSIS are distinguished, whose visual and aesthetic completeness is also revealed in the Artist-Creator Portfolio.

Dense, simple and apt texts frame the clean-cut design of the Website with the sole purpose of revealing to the e-visitor only what needs to be learned and nothing more. Art speaks for itself.

The G. LAVATSIS Website makes it self-evident. Lets the Art of the creator flourish without unnecessary references and distractions, without design or verbal tricks that could distract e-visitors from the essence.