Greatives undertook the challenge to design and create a project with highly artistic features.

We used all of our artistic resources, we looked at our personal experiences and adeptnesses, we made our introspection and there we found the artist-painter Katerina Apostolakou.

In our wandering into the world of the subconscious and the unconscious, we have faced our dark and unfamiliar sides, as well as Katerina Apostolakou, and so we have designed the artwork of the artist on a dark background. Artworks of expressionist style, both represent the individual and the group.

Capturing our idea for designing the Website, as it is usually tedious, and making it demanding.

However, the final result justifies both Katerina Apostolakou and us.

With a simple scroll down, the visitor of the site reveals and discovers step by step the painter’s portfolio each year, accompanied by a title. The design intervention of our Team attempted to give life and movement to the works of art and with intense colour contrasts to irritate the sensory organs of the Website’s visitor. This Website is the most complete online painting exhibition, that does not disregard and does not offend the spirit of the artistic creation of Katerina Apostolakou.