About Ecomio:

Ecomio, established in 2021 by visionaries Sarah Benarey, Mario Blatter, and Katharina Riederer, is a trailblazing startup on a mission to redefine business travel.

With the eco.mio browser extension, the company empowers corporate travel managers to guide their employees towards greener travel decisions. Having witnessed firsthand the untapped potential for reducing CO2 emissions in business travel, Ecomio and its dedicated team now motivate thousands of business travellers to embrace a conscious and sustainable approach to travel.

Project Purpose & Goals:

Ecomio was looking to create a new website with three main objectives. Firstly, the site should attract individuals or organizations interested in sustainable business travel solutions. Secondly, it should provide a clear and concise understanding of eco.mio’s offerings through product descriptions. Lastly, the website should encourage visitors to connect with Ecomio, thus generating valuable inbound leads.

Ecomio’s primary audience comprises corporate travel managers entrusted with reducing CO2 emissions from business travel. These decision-makers seek a solution that is impactful, easy to implement, and employee-friendly. Their goal is to introduce an innovative, green initiative to their companies, garnering the trust of supervisors and driving positive change.

Custom Web Design & Development:

In crafting the web design and development for Ecomio, we embarked on a journey of collaboration, bringing to life a custom website that seamlessly blends innovation with functionality. The entire website was meticulously designed in close cooperation with the Ecomio team, ensuring every detail aligned with their vision. Our custom web development, executed with a tailored WordPress theme developed in-house and the versatile Elementor page builder, caters to Ecomio’s need for diverse elements and layouts, facilitating the easy creation of new pages.

The design ethos remains minimal and clean, featuring a centred logo header layout for aesthetic simplicity. Each main page boasts unique and impressive hero sections, creating a dynamic visual experience. A distinctive blog overview, complete with filters, adds depth to the content. Ensuring accessibility across devices, the website is fully responsive, while meticulous SEO and speed optimization guarantee optimal performance for users navigating the eco.mio world.

Ecomio’s new website stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability, aligning with its mission to make conscious travel behaviour the new normal. By seamlessly blending captivating design with user-friendly functionality, the website is a gateway for corporate travel managers to explore, understand, and engage with the eco.mio solution—a catalyst for a greener and more sustainable future in business travel.