As ardent advocates of user experience design, we were thrilled to collaborate with Border Crossing UX, a leading UX agency dedicated to helping clients navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology and consumer behaviour.

Our purpose was evident: to engineer a digital marvel that not only met but surpassed industry benchmarks for functionality. The Border Crossing UX website wasn’t just about visual aesthetics; it was a dynamic canvas where innovation and performance took centre stage. Every element, from the intricacies of functionality to the user experience flow, was meticulously honed to ensure a seamless and efficient online journey that perfectly reflected the brand’s identity.

Performance Redefined

Beyond aesthetics, we obsessed over the user experience. We developed a custom, premium WordPress theme exclusively for this project, meticulously optimized for speed and efficiency. The result? A website aligned with Google’s new web vitals, delivering lightning-fast load times while emitting a mere 0.09g of CO2 per view on the homepage – a testament to our commitment to environmental sustainability, verified by Website Carbon.

At Greatives Web, our commitment to inclusivity runs deep within every pixel and line of code. We firmly believe the web should be a welcoming space for all, regardless of abilities. To bring this belief to life, we meticulously designed the Border Crossing UX website to meet the highest accessibility standards and guidelines. Our dedication to inclusivity ensures that every visitor feels at home, regardless of their abilities. Moreover, we didn’t stop at accessibility. We elevated user engagement with advanced Ajax filtering on various overview pages, enabling users to explore the depth of Border Crossing UX’s services and portfolios effortlessly. This seamless interaction is underpinned by the heartbeat of good design—consistency. From the first landing page to the last, every detail on the Border Crossing UX website breathes the same visual language, creating a harmonious journey for users.

This project wasn’t just about pixels and code; it was a symphony of creativity, technology, and dedication. It was about creating a virtual home for Border Crossing UX that embodies their values, vision, and passion for UX design.
We are honoured to be the first Green web design and development agency in Greece, and this project exemplifies our unwavering commitment to excellence, performance, accessibility, and sustainability.

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