Top 5 Web Design Trends in 2021

Top Web Design Trends 2021 - Greatives Web Design Agency

In 2020, people changed the way they use the internet to solve all kinds of problems. Businesses will need to adapt their website design to accommodate for these lasting changes in user behavior. Below are the top 5 web design trends in 2021 that will be most impactful.

We keep our eye on web design trends year after year for exactly that purpose. Top 5 Web design Trends in 2021 will push the boundaries of the past. A culmination of the freedom made possible with intuitive tools and innovative technologies – this is a year for originality, new solutions, aesthetic extremes, and responsive design.

01. Shapes and abstract designs

Abstract designs and arbitrary shapes will have a strong presence in websites this year. You might think shapes are too basic to be considered a design element in their own right, but basic forms can act as small visual accessories. Simple shapes can be pinned to your screen or used as a background in order to add a splash of color, create balance, frame content, or help your text stand out.

By conceiving your own abstract composition and adding it to your website, you can strengthen your unique brand identity. Incorporate your brand colors and visual style while bringing together shapes and abstract design to form up-to-date representations of your brand.

02. Neumorphism

Neumorphism has been gaining incredible traction this past year, and in 2021 it promises to usher us into the paradoxical age of minimalist realism. The style is a successor to skeuomophism—a design approach that incorporates renderings of familiar, outdated materials into current designs, and it had its heyday on app icons everywhere in the early 2010s. This trend was largely supplanted by flat design, which simplified icons and colors in a way that was less realistic but more uniform and easily identifiable.

We’ll see Neumorphism—the new Skeumorphism—turning flat icons into realistic, 3D objects. It allows designers to reclaim the tactile experience that was lost in the flat design era, and this in turn heightens the user’s connection to the design he is interacting with. Expect to see this stylized realism on the buttons, search bars and text boxes all across the digital Top 5 Web Design Trends in 2021.

03. Dark Design (Dark Mode)

Apple recently added a “Dark Mode” theme to their OS that gained a lot of popularity and is now a growing web design trend. Before dark mode came about, it was thought designers could only create the illusion of open space with the color white. Now we see that black can achieve the same effect, and many large brands are embracing it.

There are several benefits to adopting a dark design. Different elements become more visible and move to the forefront. It is also easier to establish a bright call to action color that is easily identified by the user. Finally, dark design can give the website an overall sleek appearance.

04. Asymmetric layouts

Asymmetric layouts present a different set of advantages compared to the symmetric layouts: the results are more dynamic and daring, and they give you more freedom of design. It’s a common misconception that asymmetry is synonymous with a lack of balance, so don’t let an asymmetric website layout discourage you. Every website can have visual balance regardless of symmetry.

Visual harmony can be achieved with an asymmetric design by imagining the weight of each item on your page. Take into account the color, size and movement of your elements before you arrange the composition. If you need help mastering this web design trend on your site, you can always choose a website template that uses an asymmetric layout.

05. Scroll effects

Scrolling involves participation, transition and interaction. Each of these actions can be amplified by combining the elements of your site with dynamic scroll effects. Scroll effect possibilities include (but are not limited to): zooming in or out of images, horizontal scrolling, and implementing thrilling transitions from one section to another.

Parallax scrolling might be the most popular of these. This technique involves slowing down the pace of your background as a user scrolls through a quicker-paced foreground, resulting in the illusion that it’s three dimensional. Needless to say, keeping up with the design trend will ensure that your website is anything but boring

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