Another amazing collaboration between Greatives Web and Distylerie – after the implementation of the ANYbotics Website -, seals in the most emphatic way our common digital vision for Viven GmbH, a Zurich-based video and film production company.

This project constitutes a perfect redesign implementation of a previous commercial WordPress theme to a fully customizable and specially designed WP Theme, which is distinguished for its digital flexibility and ideal adaptability for the display of VIVEN Gmbh.

Web Development

Greatives Web succeeded through a series of interventions in Web Development, to ensure excellent responsiveness to the VIVEN GmbH Website. The VIVEN GmbH Website features an extremely fast and accurate Intro Loader and AJAX Page Transitions.

It also stands out for its extremely user-friendly interface, as it boasts Hover Autoplay Videos. Among other things, the Contact Form unfolds in steps making the interaction with the user extremely easy, while technological tools such as Mailchimp and HubSpot have been integrated. It is worth noting that the Website is multilingual and has the ability to digitally switch between three languages.