For these purposes, we graphically used the off-white, black and green backgrounds.

This was invested with carefully selected photographic material accompanied by short and accurate descriptions. In all the structural sections of the Website, the green colour dominates to emphasize the ecological profile of Astydama and its priority in the sustainable development of the urban and suburban environment.

Logo Design

Astydama’s corporate logo was based on the original letter of its name to commemorate its founding origins over time. The upper part of the Logo consists of a clear black triangular geometric imprint to highlight Astydama’s urban orientation. The bottom of the Logo highlights its ‘green’ profile with a green strained line.

The entire Astydama Website is based on an extremely user-friendly interface designed with the most modern digital standards for maximum response speed and search engine optimization.

The Astydama website is tangible proof of high digital knowledge.

Our advanced know-how made it possible to optimize response speed, clear code, and trouble-free compatibility across all environments and devices.